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Beautiful & Charming Homestead

With our partner Monika Dobrovolskytė and Minges Poilsis. We will be living at an wonderful homestead in what have been nicknamed the Lithuanian Venice

Minija or Mingė is a small fishermen’s village in Šilutė District Municipality, Lithuania on Minija river, and is part of Nemunas Delta Regional Park. This village is unique in Lithuania as the main “road” is the river. Houses are situated on both banks and there is no bridge to connect them. The only way to get around is to use a boat. In 1997 it had 48 residents.

The homestead location is about 40 minutes with boat from the floating area we will be using. Transport is done in small open boat.

  • 5 Nights in single rooms.

  • Full pension - (Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner) - Alcoholic drinks excluded.

  • Breakfast: (Eggs, pancakes, oatmeals, vegetables, fruits, tea, coffee, milk)

  • Lunch: (Sandwiches, home-made chicken and fisk fingers, vegetables, fruits)

  • Dinner: (Soups, stews, pies and desserts)

Mingė village


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