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Børge Amundsen is a Norwegian wildlife & nature photographer. Living in Norway.

Born in Hammerfest at 70.7° North, has naturally given me a special interest in arctic nature and species. Depending on seasons, I drift between photographing everything from Atlantic Puffins, White-Tailed Eagles, Arctic Foxes, Musk Oxen. I also have a great love for photographing Brown Bears and every possible waterfowler in my local area.

Børge Amundsen

Photy by: Gunnar Wangen

Boris Belchev is a Bulgarian ornithologist, wildlife photographer & full time Nature Guide living in Lithuania.

He moved to Lithuania in 2007 where he become a keen photographer and built up experience and knowledge about Lithuanian nature, especially his expertise in Nemunas delta. Boris started photographing using floating hides in 2014, first  with his DIY hides, later upgraded to Mr Jan Gear's floating hides.

Photy by: Renata Kilinskaite

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